Why Did I Do That?

I didn’t do much of any consequence today. Or maybe it just feels like I didn’t because the one thing I DID do knocked me out for the rest of the day.

I went to Costco.

At lunch time.

With both my children in tow.

Which wouldn’t have been a problem had I thought to bring snacks.

I should start a category titled “Things That Annoy Me” like dooce has, because my first entry would read: People who block traffic in the middle of the parking lot waiting for you to load your two children and three hundred dollars worth of warehouse sized boxes into your car by yourself in the rain while they sit patiently inside their car sipping coffee and do not offer to help the 5’2” lady with the twisted spine of stress.

2 thoughts on “Why Did I Do That?”

  1. annoying isn’t it. I bet you had a great spot as well and those lazy people couldn’t park a little further out and walk. Sounds all to familiar to my life, just add one more kid and that is us. Thanks for writing all that you do.

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