Shout Out

I read this post over at Node Glue and it got me thinking about the way I follow my favorite blogs.

I’m a selfish and impatient blog reader. I’m too lazy to follow links, and I’m too uninterested to comment on other people’s posts, or even read comments others have posted on the blogs I read. What a bitch I am.

Blog world, I am sorry. I repent. I will quit lurking and begin to engage.

What about you? Are you reading this post? Have you been following my blog? Step up to the challenge and post a quick shout out in my comments to let me know you’re there!

I dare you.

5 thoughts on “Shout Out”

  1. Yours is the only site I DON’T lurk on! Maybe it’s because I knew you when you aspired to write teen romance novels back in the early 90’s. And you knew me when I had a perm. Comfort.

    You are awesome and I think your honesty and openess is inspiring and fresh.
    love, mrs. kleiner

  2. Jen-
    I only read yours and Mike’s. You are paving the way for me to start blogging. Your excellent writing intimitates me but inspires me!
    Thank you for sharing your struggles. You make me laugh. Your blogging keeps me updated with your life and how to pray for you.
    love- Trisha

  3. Nice blog, and with a post like that I have to leave a comment. I just read a review you wrote at theooze and I followed the link. Well…I’m going to keep surfing.

  4. Connected disconnectedness. It’s scary how often lately I’ve been asked during a conversation, “And how do you know her?” and I have to admit that it’s only through reading a blog.

  5. There was a time that I would never pass up a dare. What happened to that girl? How do I get her back without compromising my shards of dignity?

    I have written a few things for mine. I will tell you when the time is right. Thanks for inspiring me to stop lurking.

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