When Bryan said my hair reminded him of Barry Gibb, I decided to wear a hat.


There’s a new coffee shop in town that serves cupcakes. It’s spacious, it’s kid-friendly, it’s cozy, and the coffee is pretty good – AND they have a hot pink trash can. Ruthie likes the pink trash can. She calls the coffee shop ‘the pink trash can place.’

We’ve stopped in on several occasions, mostly on lazy Saturday mornings just after I’ve rolled out of bed. We want to support new businesses moving into the area, so even though I’m not a big fan of cupcakes, the kids could always use a boost of sugar in the morning.


One by one the junk shops posing as antique stores are moving out and more relevant businesses are moving in. Last week a Mexican cantina serving homemade tamales opened up, and I can’t wait to take the kids. And there’s always the wine bar we all love. And the ale house. I think we’ve maxed out on sports bars, though, so I hope we cap that off at the existing three establishments.

I have hope for the future of my community. I have hope for the hip.

5 thoughts on “When Bryan said my hair reminded him of Barry Gibb, I decided to wear a hat.”

  1. Okay, not a fan of cupcakes? Surely you jest…that hinges on blasphemy! πŸ™‚ we have a place up the street a few blocks that has cupcakes and I have to work so hard not to go there! Thankfully, they are really expensive and I have to walk up two big hills to get there – that deters me…I guess if I’m going to eat the cupcake, I should be willing to walk the hills. It easier to walk to Mosaic and get a Peach Passionfruit Scone!

  2. oooh! My friend brought me a little box of these cupcakes for my bday last week and I thought of you. The sticker on the box had their address and I could tell it’s by you. πŸ™‚

    The real reason I’m not a fan of cupcakes: the cake-to-filling-to-frosting ratio is off. Yes, I love frosting. And filling. And yes, I know it’s astonishing that I can actually complain about cupcakes.

  3. Just an FYI…some of us love the junk shops and have furnished our house with newly loved old smelly junk…I like to refer to it hipply as “shabby chic” – Long live junk! πŸ˜‰

  4. you “don’t really like cupcakes”? umm…. whaat? Ryan and I loved Magnolia cupcakes in NYC and I hunted down the recipe. the recipe for the frosting alone has 1 cup butter and 8, count them, 8 cups of powdered sugar. they’re so sweet they sting your teeth! sure are good, though. buttery goodness in my belly.

  5. Yeah, not a big fan of cupcakes.

    Or cake, for that matter.

    I’m more of a pastry and pie girl.

    And just to clarify re the junk shops – some are legit and still around, and very shabby chic. Others, like the ‘mall’ that used to be where the cupcake place is, was not worth it for me. With the exception of my beautiful red couch, my entire house is ‘shabby chic’ hand-me-downs!

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