The Sonics Are Here – No, really, RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME!

sonics at the metI’m at my local wine bar for the usual afternoon of writing, and the owner is hauling out all the large tables.

Tara, the girl who serves me GREAT pinot, tells me the Seattle Sonics are hosting an open house here, no doubt to woo the community it is trying to move into.

Hey – I can be woo’d with free appetizers and beer!

[update] KOMO 4 News camera crews just arrived, and I’m not wearing any make-up.

[update] Hamburgers are on the BBQ, and I see potato chips on the table! I think I might not be cooking dinner tonight.

[update] Wondering if the guy in front of me is a Sonic’s player. I am not a sports fan.

[update] Seahawks player, Mack Strong, is IN THE HOUSE.

[update] This guy is sitting in the KOMO 4 news van.

[update] enjoying a free hamburger with another Met regular.

[last update. I promise] All my efforts to get on t.v. failed. Not that I was trying as hard as Peggy, my wine bar friend. She’s the gray haired elderly woman in this video walking toward the princess ballerina at the beginning, and getting a Sonic autograph at the end. She and I plotted all afternoon how we were going to get on t.v., and she even stalked the news van to keep tabs on the reporter. But in the end, she was a much better stalker that I was. I hung out behind the crowd with my two adorable children, hoping their adorableness would land them or me some camera time. It was obviously the wrong tactic to take, as I wasn’t even within the frame of the crowd shot.

And I was having such a good Hair Day, too.

2 thoughts on “The Sonics Are Here – No, really, RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME!”

  1. I knew I should have stopped in today! The Sonics Princess Troupe next door even gave me the official invite, but I forgot all about it!

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