What I look like in the morning after coughing all night…

bed head

Yea for me because I lost 5 lbs this month! I gained one back this week, but I also started my period. We all know what that means: BLOATING! (Sorry to the guys for my lack of warning on that TMI). Overall I’m happy with how it went down. I managed to get through PMS and the flu without stuffing myself with comfort food or gorging on chocolate.

Also? This means I crossed over a plateau threshold AND dropped down into a new set of digits on the scale. Double yea! If I continue to lose 5 lbs every month, I’ll be right on track for my goal weight next October.

In other news…

After recovering nicely from the flu, I continue to be tortured by post nasal drip as my body clears itself of all the funk. I think a lot of this drainage has settled into my lungs, which are not at all happy with the situation. In fact, my lungs are violently rebelling against this intrusion, and have been working tirelessly at expelling all fluid from them – all. night. long.

Not that I’ve ever been a morning person, but the days this week have been especially slow to start.

We are expecting sun and temps in the 60’s this Saturday, which is a welcomed improvement from last weekend’s snow/hail/sleet storm. I seriously thought I was going to go Jack Nicholson from The Shining insane. IT’S APRIL! … IN A MODERATE CLIMATE!

At any rate, I hope to be outside and not on the computer, so have yourself a great weekend.

One thought on “What I look like in the morning after coughing all night…”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not well. I pray you start feeling better soon.

    By the way, it’s funny that you should mention the Shining, because I just finished reading the book the other day.

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