Welcome BACK to the House of Barbeque

New Outdoor Lights We had another BBQ last night, which gave me the opportunity to show off my new patio lights (75% off at Cost Plus!). Their soft glow after dark made the deck look so warm and cozy I just couldn’t go to bed.

It was an impromptu BBQ, having called a few friends around 3pm yesterday after Bryan came home with steak steak and too much steak for two people to eat. I love it when he runs out to the electronics store, and comes back with steak and veggies. And even better, I love it when HE spends the afternoon chopping, marinating, and otherwise prepping for dinner while I sit in the shade with a friend watching Thomas eat sand.

This afternoon I noticed that he’s emptied the dishwasher the last three times it’s been clean. And as I write this he’s putting together the last of our Ikea bookshelves that have been sitting in their boxes in my living room for two months. Earlier today, when I told him I was frustrated by the tone of how he said something, he stopped, HEARD me, and said he was sorry for being confrontative.

My friend keeps asking for a Q-Tip swab of his DNA so she can clone one for herself.

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