Wednesday: tastes like Monday.

IMG_0887.JPGI’m so mad I could spit.

I came home from the store today to find a car in the parking lot across the street had its window smashed in, likely something stolen from inside. I don’t know whose car it is, but it pisses me off that some ass-crack got away with this in broad daylight in front of MY HOUSE.

Because I’m like fricken Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window around here and have a dog that barks at rain, so if something had smashed while I was home you can bet I’d have seen it AND let my dog out the gate to chomp some ass.

I’m also mad because our car was broken into a few weeks ago, which I could have easily chalked up to a random casualty of urban dwelling, but now it seems we have a CRIME SPREE on our hands. I told Bryan we should get a surveillance camera and do our own little sting a la The Wire.

At any rate, it was raining, and there was a baby’s car seat in the back, so I put some plastic over the window to keep it all dry.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday: tastes like Monday.”

  1. Yesterday I commented to a gal who lives and works in Florida, here in Renton to visit her folks who own Alpine Nursery (my once a week, hardly remember to go, part time job is located), and I remarked about my son-in-law’s car being broken into last winter, my son Brandon’s car being broken into numerous times and finally his truck stolen in 2005 in Phoenix, and she remarked “well, times are tough and you are going to see more of this.” In other words, because economic times are tough that justifies breaking into a car! Balderdash and what dumb logic! Until our society gets tougher on these kids breaking into people’s property, we will continue to have this stupid behaviour! Proud of you for taking plastic to the window, it infuriates me too!

  2. Funny. Though I doubt she was justifying the situation as much as she was describing it.

    Our car was stolen once in Vancouver and found that same day up the street just a few blocks. The cop said the bus drivers were on strike, and some dude probably just took the car to get where he was going.


  3. During childhood our home was robbed seven times, front door kicked in and everything. We had renters insurance so every couple years we got new stuff. Crazy.

  4. Sorry for the crime. It’s, uh, no fun when someone breaks into your car. Thoughtful and kind of you to put plastic on the window. May you have wisdom to know what to do and protection from further harm in your neighborhood…

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