We Are Completely Ridiculous

Bryan got a promotion and a raise this week, so we celebrated by spending all the money up front on a new camera: a Canon SD400 Elph.

I mean, why wait, right? Just milk it dry before it even hits the bank and pray you don’t get fired.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this type of financial planning, but there seems to be a washer missing on our cash flow lately.

We’ve got ourselves a gusher.

It all started when we got a phat tax return earlier in the year. We spent the money on some assets for our home, such as a new couch, we paid off the furnace we had to buy when the old one broke down on the coldest day of the year, and we splurged a little.

Boy, did we splurge.

And we keep splurging.

I do like the new camera, though, so I can’t complain. That’s the problem: something in me says, ‘Don’t spend the money!’ Then another voice says, ‘But that camera is wicked cool!’

I have only one complaint about the camera itself, though. I think it might be too big and clunky to carry around. I mean, really, if it’s not small enough to hide in your cleavage then what IS the point?

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