IMG_8728.JPGToday the kids and I went on our weekly Walk About Town to run errands and to generally be part of the community. I use “weekly” in a loose way, since the last time we did our Walkabout was before Thanksgiving, which was before the Pukefest, which was before the vacation, which was before the vacation recovery.

But prior to all that, we were going weekly.

We walked to the optometrist, and to the bank, and to the post office, and ended where all good Walkabouts end: the cupcake shop, where it’s always warm and inviting, and there’s always someone to chat with while sitting in the cozy leather chairs.

I’m always so proud to be my kids’ mom when on our Walkabouts. They wave and say hello to every person we pass, regardless of what that person looks like or is wearing, or is smoking or drinking (if you know what I’m talking about). Thomas does not take his greetings lightly either. You must respond to him, or he will continue waving at you and chirping “HI!” until you acknowledge his neighborly hospitality.

Today at the bank he growled like a monster at another customer waiting in line – his greatest display of affection.

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