American Traditions: Christmas, apple pie, and… the Wii?

homemade apple pieThis weekend my dad and step mom came over for dinner to celebrate Christmas since we were gone for so long over the holidays. We had a great time, and after dinner and presents Bryan challenged my dad to a bowling match on the Wii. Turns out my dad and step mom are both extremely competitive – my dad in the playing, and my step mom in the commentary, as in “David, you have to throw the ball harder to get a strike!”

After the umpteenth “old man” reference Bryan made about my dad, I mentioned he might want to lay off the old man jokes.

His response? “When a man comes into my own house and beats me at my own game, he’s gonna get some smack talk.”

There was also a reference to bringing a cup.

For dessert I made an apple pie – my first ever! And not only was it my first apple pie, but I picked the apples from the tree myself (along with friends – who actually did the picking, not me, but you get the idea), made a batch of apple pie filling, and canned several jars. Wow! What a homemaker I am. It was delish, and I highly recommend the Better Homes and Gardens Canning and Preserving book, where the canning recipe came from.

Here are some pictures from the big canning event in early October:

2 thoughts on “American Traditions: Christmas, apple pie, and… the Wii?”

  1. Wow…very impressive…canning! I would like to try that at some point because I remember my mom doing it when we lived on Whidbey in the late ’70’s but I have a feeling it would end up being like my excursion into jewelry making, sewing, painting, tap dancing…umm…all those things I start because of my ADD and then never finish because I lose interest.
    By the way…I read some of the discussion on Juno and found it interesting. I realize some people thought the ending was tied up too nicely but I honestly didn’t feel that way. I think there was evidence that Bleeker and Juno knew it wasn’t going to be easy but they were willing to risk it. I think that type of ending it hopeful without being smaltzy. I felt that way about the end of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” too.
    Also, saw your entries for Dad tees. I had some much more vulgar ones than I posted but I thought I’d try to stay within some sort of boundary. 🙂

  2. That discussion board consists largely of professional Christian film critics (and wannabe’s) who take the term “critic” very seriously – one of the reasons I only pop in there once or twice a year.

    As for the t-shirt contest, I’m SO going to win for one of my suggestions.

    Got a witty saying for an expectant dad’s t-shirt? Go here to enter your suggestions into a contest, and possibly win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

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