Too Much Information

I just took a break from cleaning to catch up on a few blog reads. The short break turned into a long break, and now I have many rabbit-trail links open that I really don’t have time to follow up on now.


It’s ironic to me that as much as I HATE reading stuff on the computer (I used to print out all my emails and documents to read them), I LOVE reading blogs and following links and finding new people and interesting resources. But after awhile I find myself going cross-eyed and skimming too quickly.

I’ve tried using a “readthis” tag in my account, but the problem there is I forget to open that website to read what I’ve tagged! Also, I have a lot of blogs and sites running through my Bloglines feed reader, but many of them are stacked to the max with entries waiting to be read. I just can’t keep up.

Do you read lots of blogs? Do you like to follow links? How do you filter through which blogs you continue to follow and which ones you just check out a couple times?

Linked below are some of the rabbit trail links I didn’t have time to read, but maybe posting them here will remind me to look into them later.

Beatiful Pain: Women in Rock

Raising support for a cause

The Shape of a Mother

Is marriage or children your highest priority?

Echo-friendly cleaning products

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