Read This Before Discontinuing Birth Control

This afternoon Thomas started crying shortly after he fell asleep, which could only mean one thing: he had pooped. He mellowed out to a quiet fuss, so I finished my lunch and read a few blogs before I went upstairs to change his diaper. I’m one of the lucky ones, in that I can get away with changing his diaper in the middle of his nap because he’ll just go back to sleep.

Walking into his room confirmed it – the stench was definitely poop.

But when I walked up to his crib I saw the monkey cage he had created – he had taken off his diaper and was rolling around in… it.

I know, I know, it’s gross and I’m talking about it. I actually started laughing. It’s just been that kind of day, what with the rat making another appearance during lunch. Also, I was remembering the monkeys from Madagascar, when they got busted trying to escape the zoo: “If you have poo, fling it now!”

I give up. I’m not cleaning the house today. I just spent too much energy washing poop off babies, out of clothes, and out of sheets. I’m done.

Starbuck’s anyone?

3 thoughts on “Read This Before Discontinuing Birth Control”

  1. Sorry to hear it – wish I could join you at Starbucks. 🙂 Hope you can take a break and relax somehow…it’s great that you can laugh! Did you take a picture?

  2. Sorry, had to chuckle at that one. My friend’s son would take his poop and draw all over his room with it. Shirts with a snap crotch soon put a stop to that one. We had to try the snap crotch as well…it must be a toddler thing to do. Something else they have learned, but yet, something we wish they wouldn’t have learned before understanding the function of peeing and pooping in a toilet. 🙂

  3. Melody beleives poop is paint and has been very artistic with it. We’ve had art shows at least 5 times where I have had to put her whole crib in pieces in the shower to hose it down. (this is where a yard would be nice) At least you had a little warning, Mel is as quiet as a mouse and we don’t know unless we check on her. Jammies on backwards and zipped up the back works well for us.

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