Things That Make Me Shudder

I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning supervising Ruthie’s use of scissors (they may be snubbed on the end, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to cut her tongue out), when I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the deck.

A little bit later I saw it again – something small and dark flittering across the deck. This time I investigated and saw it, THE RAT, on my deck that is a giant play pen for my children to play safely – SUPPOSEDLY – only now I have to worry about little Ben with his claws and his fangs leaching some disease onto my children, both the one who crawls and the one who licks everything.

Now I know what kept eating my Brandywine tomatoes last summer. Ewww.

5 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Shudder”

  1. Some years ago I was renting a place, and had the unfortuante expereince of finding; not one, not two, not three, but at least four or five creepy little rodents, roaming my kitchen cupboard.

    About a year or so later when I was renting another place, I went into the bathroom to finding a dead mouse floating in the toilet. At the same time I discovered a large hunstman spider (do you have them in the US?), and I wondered if the demise of the mouse had anything to do with the hairy, eight-legged visitor. Personally I am not too fond of either.

  2. […] What is it with you and rats. They are just attracted to you. Maybe you should borrow back Simon for a little while. […]

    That’s right! I forgot I had killed a rat with my bare hands! Well, my bare hands and a broom, anyway. Then the crazy pest guy showed up, scooped up the rat in a plastic grocery bag, and tied it to the belt loop of his pants. REMEMBER THAT??? It went fwap fwap fwap against his legs as he walked through the house. He was crazy.

  3. That is disgusting about the rat man. ewe. i can’t stand creepy crawly things, which is why we got a cat who is ferocious. she ate a bat that was in our apt. last week – ate it outright. there was a flying prehistoric anthropod in our NYC apt. that was the size of my palm. i threw the cat in the room with that thing and sure enough, she ate it — exoskeleton and all. ewe ewe ewe.

  4. So the moral of the story goes something like this…There is never just one rat or mouse out there, so make sure you get a feroious cat that will eat anything, except for may be small children and other cute animals.

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