Things That Make Me Say, “OUCH!”

After returning to The Greatest Chiropractor in the World a couple weeks ago, I had several blissful, headache-less days, and full nights of restful sleep.

And then I rolled my ankle and fell on my ass.

Every vertebrae in my back felt compressed together again, and I was back to pain, stiffness, and uncomfortable nights.

The Greatest Chiropractor in the World squeezed me in on Tuesday morning, and I was in bad. shape. But by the time he was done I could move my head from side to side again, which means I can now safely change lanes and back out of a parking spot.

However, my problem spot between my shoulder blades was even more of a problem this time. In fact, the first time he tried to adjust it, I cried out in pain as he applied pressure. It never popped, and instead I felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me. I’ve never had that happen to me before – no matter how jacked up my back has been, it’s always been adjustable.

I relaxed a bit then asked him to try again, but I was still too tense and couldn’t relax enough for him to pop it open. He tried one more time while I was in a standing position (okay, this is starting to sound a little naughty), and when that still didn’t work he gave up. He had me lie on my stomach while he massaged my back with a tool that looked like a power drill but sounded like an egg beater. After that I didn’t want to move I felt so relaxed.

So today my neck feels better, but back still feels tight. Anyone up for giving me a massage?

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