Things that come to mind on a Tuesday night

Garden helpers

This is not my giant bucket of peas. This is my neighbor’s giant bucket of peas. She is the better gardener, as indicated by her giant bucket of peas vs. the brown and shriveled leaves on my bean and strawberry plants.

This happens to me every summer – we go on vacation late in July, and by the time we get back my motivation to bring forth life from the dirt wanes.

Shelling peas

Isn’t this a sweet, Little House on the Prairie kinda moment? What is it about these moments that are so easily instigated by other people, but HEARTILY REJECTED were I to be the one who says, Hey! Let’s sit down and shuck these peas together like one big happy family!?

My kids start school a week from tomorrow, and I have mixed feelings about this.

Oh who am I kidding – I’M ECSTATIC!

Despite my previous whining, it’s been a good summer. I feel satisfied that I worked well and played well, yelled a little less than usual, and occasionally swept under the dining room table.

We set the bar high around here.

One thought on “Things that come to mind on a Tuesday night”

  1. I am counting down the days until school starts next Tuesday. I love sleeping in during the summer but I think I like the 6 hours of quiet better, or at least almost quiet. I love my kids, I love watching them play and playing with them, I just don’t love the fighting that goes on and such.

    The pea shucking adventure looked like a lot of fun and very productive. That was a lot of peas.

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