always wear lip gloss while riding your scooter


The other night we took the kids to Coulon Park after dinner to ride their scooters along the lake. The goal was to wear them out spend quality time together as a family, and once Thomas stopped screaming that he wanted to go to the playground, this was accomplished.

Of course Ruthie had to bring her sparkly pink purse. Where else was she to keep the sparkly pink lip gloss?

What I love about Ruthie’s fashion sense is the Skater Girl Princess Mashup: the tunic, stretch pants, and Converse AND the sparkly pink lip gloss and bag.

Going one way or the other is fairly predictable. But combined? THAT’s the stuff legends are made of.

4 thoughts on “always wear lip gloss while riding your scooter”

  1. We were actually hold up for 5 minutes in front of the house that morning while she applied it before going to the skate park. She said: “I know, I know I’m taking forever! But I don’t want to dry out my lips on the way.” I <3 this kid! Thanks for letting me hang with them.

  2. hey, the girl has her own distinct style–once she gets to middle school, other kids will be emulating her and she’ll be a total trend setter

  3. I find that funny! When I was her age I said “Forget the glamor! I’m riding my four weeler!” Now, the thing was that, this surface I was riding on, was a slanted, gravely, driveway. So, I say awsome to Ruthie for coming the two together!

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