The Picture

So I suppose now would be a good time to explain the profile photo I recently posted. After all, when one has writer’s block regarding her vacation recap, why not talk about bad picture days?

In this photo I am six or seven months pregnant – whatever March minus December equals. It is Christmas morning; I have just opened a spa kit bigger than my car; and I have bed head.

Yes, I am wearing a bubble gum pink bathrobe with cocktails embroidered on it.

Let me explain: I have a wonderful, lovely husband who, like most husbands, needs a little help when it comes to gift ideas.

We have an arrangement: I give him a clue, and he goes hog wild.

Take, for instance, the bathrobe you see in the picture. One year for my birthday I said, “I would like a bathrobe.”


I stated no conditions as to what said bathrobe was to feel, look, or function like.

Beautiful, lovely, witty husband returned with the bubble gum pink bathrobe with embroidered cocktails all over it.

He knows me well.

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