I feel violated.

I was nearly the victim of an internet scam, but thanks to the cynical, distrusting, believe-the-worst-about-everyone-until-proven-they-are-actually-nice nature of my personality, I prevailed.

I received an email from Ebay stating if I didn’t update my account information my account would be suspended after ten days.

I ignored it.

Ten days later I received a follow-up email stating they were about to suspend my account unless I update my account information.

I nibbled a little on the hook.

I clicked on the link they provided, entered my login and password to my Ebay account, and up popped a form requesting my credit card number as a verification of my identity.

I read through the whole form, only to discover they not only requested my credit card number, but also the three-digit security code on the back of the card, plus the friggin’ PIN NUMBER to my ATM!


I feel victimized. I feel shame. I need a shower.

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