The New Face of This Pile

Welcome to the new era of Jen, and the new era of The Pile I’m Standing In. I’m very excited about the change happening in both, and I felt my blog needed a new look to reflect how I feel. Poke around a little to see what’s new, and definitely check out the About tab at the top – I’ve updated it to reflect the new beginnings I am embracing. Other new things are on the way as I continue to tweak, but I was too excited to share this with you now!

(That paragraph contained the word ‘new’ six times.)

Bryan helped me out tons by doing all the fancy technical tricks he does, including finding the most perfect color of blue to set as my background. But I’m happy to say I’ve turned into quite the geek, too, having learned enough html to find my way around the template codes and do most of the template customizing myself.

So without further blabbering by yours truly, feast your eyes on this…

(and now you must satisfy my vanity by commenting with all your oooo’s and aaaahhhhh’s)

13 thoughts on “The New Face of This Pile”

  1. Sooooo cool, Jen!
    I love the new look. I’m jealous!
    p.s. if you’re sharing html trix, how do I generate an rss for comments? I’ve wanted to do it, but can’t figure it out (you can point me to a URL that ‘splains it).
    I hope you’re doing well – thanks for keeping blogging (I understand the priorities thing totally, but thanks for still posting a bit.
    I’m excited to see where Jen Zug and This Pile go from here!

  2. (and I mean specifically a “global” comments rss, not just per entry) thanks!
    And yes, that is the exact perfect shade of blue!

  3. It’s even better than you described! I love the blue! Huzzah!
    (this comment contains three exclamation points)

  4. wow! at first I thought my eyes deceived me and I had arrived at some new, magical place! like the new do. 🙂

  5. Nevermind about the html/rww trix. I decided to spend a nerdy evening (Friday night! inside! by myself!) figuring it out. It was fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

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