The Morning Roamer

On Monday the kids and I woke up at 4:30am to take Bryan to the airport for his usual trip to Palo Alto where he earns money to pay for our new roof and our future new kitchen (hint hint). It’s not as big a deal as it sounds – we’re home by 5am and we all go right back to bed.

This week, though, when Ruthie came into my room around 8am declaring that she was hungry, I rolled over and mumbled, ‘Okay, five more minutes.’

An hour later I woke up when the phone rang, and Ruthie was not sleeping next to me like she usually is in the morning. I went downstairs, expecting to see Cherios and soy milk all over the kitchen in her attempt to feed herself.

Instead, she was sitting in my thinking chair with an album of our wedding photos, and when she saw me come through the door she exclaimed, ‘It’s my mama and my gamma! Can I have this picture?’ So I sat with her, and we looked through the rest of the photos, and I told her stories. And later that day I scanned the picture of me and my mom and printed a copy just for Ruthie.

mother and bride

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