The boring, Stay At Home Mom post.

This has been a hard, busy, tiring week – one of those weeks when you eat dinner on the fly because you have to be somewhere by 7, one of those weeks when you hardly look at your computer because you are never home. If I haven’t responded to your email, I’m sorry. And if you’re a long lost friend who’s comment I haven’t replied to yet, I’m sorry (Hi Gigi! Hi Ashley!). I’ll get to it eventually! And Cherie, I got your message, and that totally sounds like it will be fun for the kids!

Nothing like a blog to provide a forum for mass communication to all my friends. I feel lame.

And now I will report on shoe shopping, because I know that’s what you’re all dying to hear about. With all this working out I’ve been doing, my adrenaline gets going and I’ve actually been running. But the running shoes I have are from before Thomas was born, which is a big no-no. My knees were starting to feel it, so I walked over to my neighborhood Big 5 Sports to buy a new pair and found mounds of boxes and no sales person. I tried on a pair I though fit well, and took them home.

Today during my run I started to feel shin splints.

After today’s workout I called my friend Jenny, because she knows where to buy running shoes. And boy, does she! The fine folks at Roadrunner Sports set me up on a treadmill where I jogged barefoot as they monitored my gait with video equipment. I also stepped across a pressure sensor that mapped out an infrared reading of where my foot feels the least and most pressure as I take a step. I wish I’d had may camera with me so I could show you these cool things, but alas, it is broken.

Turns out I have a fairly high arch and a pretty severe overpronation problem (my ankles roll inward over my arches), which explains the shin splints from the wimpy shoes. So I am now set up with a brand new pair of Nike shoes that were very reasonably priced, all while my kids played with the toys on hand at the store.

Wow! What more could a mom ask for.

That’s about all I have the energy to report. I’m feeling very depleted creatively, and even passed on posting at the Vox Pop Network this week. I put something up by my friend, Amy, instead. It’s very good – you should go read it.

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