Snug like two Zugs in a Rug

Every morning, or at some point in the night, I wake up with a third person in bed between me and Bryan. It’s usually Ruthie, who often comes in after Bryan has already vacated his side of the bed for the morning. She sneaks in quietly, and I don’t even know she’s there until I try to escape undetected for a quiet morning cup of coffee.

Thomas is another story. From Day 3 of being alive that kid has thrashed and snorted and gagged in his sleep. When Ruthie was born, she slept quietly in a bassinet by my bed for at least three months. But Thomas? I kicked him out the first week, relegating him to his cavernous crib, because even at 8 lbs that kid could wake a heard of elephants with that snore. Whenever Thomas lumbers into bed with us, he gets an immediate boot back to his own bed, as he ALWAYS ends up whacking me in the head or kicking Bryan in the face.

Sunday morning, after a hard night of partying the day before, I went upstairs to wake the kids for church and found both their beds vacated. This is how I found them, in our bed.

I’m sure they will adore this photo when they are teenagers, don’t you think?

spooning zugs

2 thoughts on “Snug like two Zugs in a Rug”

  1. Hi Jen, I don’t know if you remember me, I don’t know why you would, but Joe and I had dinner once at your place years ago. I think it was soon after you got married. We’re now in California, but I came across your blog from Danelle’s. I just wanted to say appreciate your writing, you honesty and all the fun stuff too. (I was going to say something at M & D’s wedding, but I thought that could turn out to be an uncomfortable and, possibly, creepy conversation.) Anyway, I desire to go through a work-out withdrawal, but that would me I’d have to actually work out first, right? This picture is so freaking awesome. Not only does it make me want to have our second kid tomorrow (which I know is impossible) but now I want to go make a quilt. Thanks for the reads.

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