That tenacity may actually get her somewhere

The other day as we were trying to get out of the house, I was caught up in the usual fussing around that happens when one person is trying to get three bodies going. Ruthie kept asking me to tie her shoes, but of course I was not in shoe-tying mode, I was in snack packing mode. Ruthie persisted.

Mom, can you tie my shoes?

Mom, can you tie my shoes?

Mom, when are we going? Can you tie my shoes?

After a few minutes of me putting her off, she became quiet in the next room. That is, until she came screaming into the kitchen, literally. She screamed “MOM!” as if Scout had just swallowed Thomas’ head.

“IS ANYONE HURT?!?” I said, my heart racing.



“MOM, NO! But– ”

(sighing) “Then why are you screaming at me?”


I looked down at her shoe and a little scream escaped my lips, too. What a big girl. She’s only had lace-up shoes a few weeks, and taught herself to tie them by watching me do it for her.

It’s not very often that I recognize the positive aspects of Ruthie’s tenacity. I should remember this story on those days when her tenacity pushes the buttons of each and every one of her friends. I should remember this story on those days when her tenacity drives Thomas to the brink of insanity. I should remember this story on those days when Ruthie is a walking Wall of Obstination.

She is still finding her way, but I pray she learns to use her tenacity for good more often, and not evil. With that kind of ferocious focus she can solve the world’s problems.

Of course, I captured her accomplishment on video:

4 thoughts on “That tenacity may actually get her somewhere”

  1. This is so awesome I got teary eyed. I can’t believe how big this little elf has gotten. We ran across pictures of my kids holding her in the hospital just hours after she was born–amazing how life flashes by. Of course, my big girl is starting driver’s ed here pretty soon. Go ahead, let that blow your mind. 🙂

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