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Mommy Come Lately – Yoga soothes worst symptoms of menopause.
You know you’re staring down your 37th birthday when stories about menopause perk your interest. I love yoga, and I hate my hormones, so this was worth reading. For whatever it’s worth, that is.

Meal Planner by Future Girl
Because I have a brain that doesn’t always like to kick into gear, I keep a copy on my fridge of what I’ve planned to make for dinner all week. I started doing this because there were many times I would buy a bunch of cilantro for a certain dish, only to find that bunch of cilantro reduced to a pile of green slime a week later. When I try to remember why I bought the cilantro in the first place, I slap my forhead as I recall that one evening when I couldn’t for the life of me think of what to make for dinner, when all along I’d planned to make Lime and Cilantro chicken tacos. So, if one is going to be geeky-organized, one might as well have a super cute menu planning chart to make it more fun.

Backpack stations from Organizing Junkie
You may recall how I revamped my entryway a couple months ago to be more efficient for shoe and coat storage. Now that Ruthie is starting school (ack!) I’m trying to figure out how to add in a spot for her backpack and a place to dump all the paperwork she brings home. I got caught in a loop of organizing blogs the other day, and came across this post with lots of great ideas.

Mind Mapping for the overwhelmed mom from Organizing Queen
Once again, something Bryan’s been telling me for years that I’m now taking notice of because a chick brought it to my attention. Bryan uses a mind map program for taking notes and such, but it always gave me a headache to look at it, because my brain doesn’t work visually like that for note taking. But when it comes to organizing a physical space? The mind mapping idea seemed to click a little better. I may give it a try.

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  1. Hey, Jen, great idea about posting your dinner plan for the week; however, what if you don’t know what it is like me? No, that is good, very good. I wish I had done that years ago really when I had kids at home and less time. Have you ever gone to the Container Store in Lincoln Plaza across from Bellevue Square for organization stuff? It is the best anywhere for items to organize one’s space for, especially when they have their sales. I think they just ended a good sale.

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