Thanksgiving Break(down)

This kids were out of school for the entire week of Thanksgiving to accommodate parent/teacher conferences. Even though my brain understood it was only three extra days off, my survival mechanism kicked it in as OH MAH GAH IT’S SUMMER VACATION ALL OVER AGAIN.

On Wednesday there was a mutiny over my refusal to pull out the Christmas decorations while also prepping a meal that involved 20 pounds of meat and more side dishes than I make in a week. The mutiny consisted of everyone in the house under forty years old chanting messages that were not a coordinated effort, but just before I lost my mind, Thomas suggested making snowflakes.


During the snowflake frenzy, I noticed that Thomas made a paper snowman and suggested they create a paper mural for our blank, dining room wall.

This very popular idea triggered a violent disagreement over who would be Creative Director, and I thought to myself… WHY DID YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH YOU INSANE TURKEY.

But I quickly had them sitting down to sketch out their own designs…



… and they chose the winning design in an epic two-out-of-three rock/paper/scissor battle.


And the best part is, no children were harmed in the making of this mural. I was able to just go with it and release the kids into their own creativity while giving them suggestions for problem solving,

A good time was had by all!

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