Photo Essay of 2012

Since 2013 is nearly over, I thought it was fitting that I post my unfinished year end photo essay from 2012. It was a really great idea that I spent one evening working on, but apparently taking TWO evenings to work on it was asking too much.

I hated that it was sitting unappreciated in my drafts folder, so in the spirit of “perfect is the enemy of done,” here is a five month photo essay from 2012:







One thought on “Photo Essay of 2012”

  1. bwahaha. I love this. i was just reading a blog post I started a few weeks ago but don’t know how to conclude it so it just sits there. Maybe i should just post it with no conclusion. Some days are like that. I absolutely love about you the fact that you did not finish this and that you posted it a year later anyway.

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