Ruthie at the Dentist

I shot this video of Ruthie at the dentist last week with my Canon digital Elph still camera, and I was surprised at the length of video it allowed me to record. The video file was too large to upload directly into, so I had a chance to experiment with the Windows Movie Maker program that comes free with Windows XP. I didn’t use all the fancy features, but I had fun exploring. The next time I’m scheduled to read at my church I’m planning to create a multi-media piece, and I think the Movie Maker program is user-friendly enough for me to do without Bryan’s help.

2 thoughts on “Ruthie at the Dentist”

  1. Wow. I can’t believe that little camera takes that long of video. That’s great. Did you do the zoom while shooting?

    Looks like you’ve crossed the digital line completely, are you still buying scrapbook paper?

  2. Wow, what a cooperative little girl at the dentist. She must have really been intrigued with all the “stuff” he had to show her and the comfortable chair she was in. Good job, Ruthie!! I am VERY proud of you! Love, Gamma

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