Ringing It In Zug Style

Lucky Diner - 11:00pm11:00pm

I think we stumbled across a new Zug Family tradition this year.

After a party and game night with some friends in the Belltown area, we parted ways with the group and wandered into The Lucky Diner to wait for the Space Needle fireworks.

We sat in the corner booth, surrounded by huge windows that made people watching in that buzzing neighborhood a most fantastically entertaining feature of the evening.


The kids ate Lucky Charms and I shared a Black Butte Porter milkshake with Bryan. It was totally low key, but it felt nostalgic and special.

We never eat cereal. We never stay out late. Everything about it was a treat.


Thomas is the night owl. He was chatty all evening & even during the car ride home.

Ruthie is an early riser, and despite an afternoon nap, she still didn’t quite make it.

Grand Finale - Midnightmidnight

Just before midnight we stepped across the street for a better view of the Space Needle. And also, Thomas wanted to hear the [insert Thomas making firecracker sounds].

After a month surrounded by lots of people and busy activity, an intimate family evening out on the town hit the spot.

Happy New Year, everyone. 2012 is already the best ever.

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