I went back to the gym today after a month long hiatus (kids were sick, my back went out, my mom was here, blah blah blah). I ran/walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill and the endorphins definitely kicked in. My soul and my body are very happy right now.

I’ve listened to Cloud Cult’s Meaning of 8 Album a hundred times, yet never noticed this song before. It became my soundtrack this morning as I hit the replay button over an over.

There must be purpose here, cuz most of us keep waking up.
(Don’t you think it’s pretty here).
It’s so unexpectedly predictable, so sloppily intentional.
Does anyone know the punch-line yet?

There must be rhythm here, cuz all of us have a heartbeat.
(Don’t you see the music here).
Inside our ribs we tick an average of 60 beats a minute–

There must be forgiveness here, cuz most of us have our weaknesses.
(Tell me what are your weaknesses).
I don’t know myself, and I’m afraid of you.
I’m happiest on chemicals.
The goings come and the comings go.
Forgive me I’m just an animal.

There must be healing here, cuz everybody here has been damaged.
And we’ll wear it like a tattoo, every scar is a smile.
To hell with the going down

There must be afterlife here, cuz we all pray for resurrection.
You see, the end comes quick as a bullet.

You can listen to it here: click on track ten, Purpose.

Music can be tricky. Sometimes it’s the aura of the song that speaks to me, sometimes the lyrics. Often times it’s both, and what I get from it is nothing at all what the writer intended.

Today I think I felt peace as I listened – peace that The Light penetrates the soul of those we love, even when they won’t or can’t listen to our words.

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