Princess Ruthie and her Knight In Shining Armour

Princess Ruthie and her knight in shining armour

Halloween 2007

When I asked Ruthie what she wanted to be for Halloween she said, and I know this will shock you, a princess. Then Thomas, who always wants whatever Ruthie gets, also said he wanted to be a princess. Obviously Bryan would not have a son wandering around the neighborhood dressed in drag, so we had to get creative. I found this great Knight’s costume in the role play isle at Target, and get this, it was only ten bucks! Not bad for a brand new costume.

And now he has something to wear around the house besides his pink purse and high heels.

4 thoughts on “Princess Ruthie and her Knight In Shining Armour”

  1. That’s so sweet…my darling girl decided to be “The Flying Dutchman” from Spongebob…in case you’re wondering, he’s a soul-stealing ghost pirate – which is great for a pastor’s kid.

  2. Thomas sure isn’t the only little guy who loves a pink purse and heels. My friend Natalia’s three-year-old has a pink handbag he carries everywhere. We are all giving her advice on how to deal with his future lifestyle choices.

  3. What a sweet picture and the costumes are perfect! Look what I miss by not being in the same town with this family! I printed the picture out on photo paper and it’s wonderful – thanks for sending it, Jen!
    Thanks Ruthie and Thomas for talking with me on the webcam tonight about the aquarium and about your middle name, Thomas – Gordon!!
    Love from Gamma

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