If in the country, I would have heard crickets.

One thing I like about staying at the Kennedy School (described in this post by Bryan) is there is no television in any of the rooms, so we are more inclined to talk, or read, or write when not out and about. The biggest television trap for me at home is watching in bed late at night and staying up way too far into Conan, which is completely unproductive.

This weekend I decided to start a new habit. I have decided to be in bed by ten with a good book, rather than the t.v. I felt so calm and relaxed each evening in the quiet as I explored the books we bought at Powell’s, and I know it helped me feel refreshed the next day. Plus, I’m more likely to fall asleep earlier while reading than while watching television.


The other thing I like about staying at the Kennedy School is that every inch of that place is interesting. There is original art hanging in the halls, and each room is uniquely decorated with custom murals. Everything about the environment inspires creativity. One morning as we waited for our breakfast I found myself shooting stills of my coffee, the menu, and so forth, and Bryan says, “I like the transformation I’m seeing.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You are beginning to digitally scrapbook,” he said.

And sure enough, that’s what I was doing. Here is what I captured from our trip.

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