5 thoughts on “Powell’s-a-palooza”

  1. Have to say, looking at your stack of books…that “this beautiful mess” and “raising your spirited child” are both very good resources! I highly recommend them!
    love reading your blog,
    a stranger in indiana

  2. Have you read Traveling Mercies yet? It’s the book I go back to again and again and STILL cry. So good. I got to hear her speak at Powell’s a couple of years ago….

  3. Melissa –
    Thanks for coming out of lurking! And thanks for the head’s up on the spirited child book – I’d never heard of it, but the chapters were spot on for me so I decided to take a chance on it. The other book is by a pastor I know in Portland, and I often dream of moving so I can attend his church. I look forward to reading it.

    Annagrace –
    I have read Traveling Mercies several times – it’s actually the book that really influenced me to stop dreaming about becoming a writer, and start writing, so I started this blog. I gave away my only copy last fall so I needed to replace it.

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