Death to lattes. The Macchiato is my friend.

The Macchiato is my friend.

After spending the morning at Powell’s we spent the afternoon reading in a coffee shop. I’m not a big fan of sweet drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, and was not in the mood for your standard drip coffee. So I tried a macchiato, which is a shot (or two) of espresso with foam. Have you ever wanted to bathe in a cup of coffee? I wanted to lather it all over my body for the richness and foaminess it possessed – all without the yucky sweetness of flavoring or the stomach-churning dysfunction of milk.

I will never drink another latte again.

2 thoughts on “Death to lattes. The Macchiato is my friend.”

  1. ooh -I love macchiatos! And I love Portland. And I love being alone with hubby without the kids… ok, so I’m jealous. 🙂
    Our fave place when we were in portland was the gelato place right across from Powell’s : Mio Gelato
    Awesome espresso, fabulous gelato, and free wi-fi. Whoo hoo!
    (The best dessert ever in my opinion is a scoop of gelato (chocolate, vanilla, or capuccino) with an espresso shot poured over, affogato style. Swoon)
    Sigh. Ok, now I’m really jealous.
    Cheers! 🙂

  2. I LOVE espresso in it’s true form…and bathing in it…I know exactly what you mean.

    Sometimes I like a little sweet and will have an Americano with 4 pumps of peppermint in it. No cream or sugar, just the peppermint.

    BTW – You have one of my all time favorite blogs.

    Found you through my friend Anna Grace! (Love Drunk)

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