Operator Error

[I wrote this on Saturday while I was ‘between websites.’ Although it was written on Saturday, I wasn’t able to post it until 8/31/05]

My website is still in Internet Purgatory, yet I continue to write in hopes that it will one day be read.

As it turns out, my depression episode was apparently due to a Medication Malfunction. In other words, I had forgotten to take my regular dose of Zoloft the night before. I had been out partying hard with a friend, eating brownies and making Christmas cards with cute stamps and glitter and blow dryers – all things that bad girls are into.

Anyway, because I was so high on embossing powder, I went to bed without taking my pill.

I took the pill immediately once I realized this, waited around for a couple of hand-wringing hours, then it seemed to kick in and I jumped back into my routine of folding laundry, making dinner, blah, blah, blah.

I was fine.

Fine, but disturbed.

Why is it that a drug – one that takes THREE WEEKS to begin working once you start taking it — seems to lose all effectiveness after missing only ONE DOSE?

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