Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Girl Who Wanted PEENK Socks.

“I want PEENK socks, mama!”

“You want pink socks? Here’s some pink socks.”

“NO! I want PEENK socks!”

“These ARE pink socks, Ruthie.”

“NOOO! I want do self!”

“OHHH! You want to PICK socks.”


“Okay, here’s the basket.”

[Looks in basket] “Oh no! I want PEENK socks!”

“Go ahead, you can pick whatever socks you want.”

“Where’s PEENK socks, mama?”

“The pink socks are right here…”


“Ruthie, these ARE pink socks, and you can PICK them yourself!”

[Dumps basket of socks on the floor] “OH LOOK, mama! PEENK socks!”

[Laughing & peeing in my pants] “OH! You want the PIG socks!”


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