Not your average trip to the dentist

You know how you go to the dentist and every. single. time. they give some schpeal about flossing, and you’re like, yeah, whatever. And you know how they give you that little goodie bag filled with a new toothbrush and a roll of floss, not realizing that you have about eight rolls of floss in your bathroom cabinet from the last four years’ worth of dentist appointments?

Yeah, well, I suggest you don’t do what I do.

Today I got hit hard with a You’ve got the beginnings of gingivitis lecture, informing me that if I don’t take better care of my teeth I will soon get gum disease, which is irreversible and expensive to treat.

Yeah, I heard that loud and clear. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to close the laptop and floss my teeth.

One thought on “Not your average trip to the dentist”

  1. Oh my, you’re too young to have that kind of tooth problems! I’m glad you heard it loud and clear – and no backsliding by next week!! Keep the floss moving.

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