My New Blogging Buddies: How I Turned That Frown Upside Down.

Meet Maryam, Jen, and Jen's double chin!I had a great time floating in and out of contact with Maryam this weekend. She just moved back to the Bay Area from Seattle this past month so it hardly seems like we’ve skipped a beat, but I know soon it will sink in that she is gone. I was glad to have so much time with her, and was proud to be sitting front and center during her panel discussion on Next Level Nakedness.

I met Kristin briefly on Friday, then caught up with her again on Saturday. We share a passion for writing and talked over lunch about using our blogs as writing exercises. She filled me in on the Identity and Obligations session, as I wish I would have attended that instead of the Mommyblogging session. I should have listened to my got and not followed the hype.

Through her I met (another) Kristin. This may sound creepy, but when we met I felt like Anne Shirley meeting her kindred spirit. We are snarky about the same things, and I let her son pilfer cheerios from my son’s stroller pockets, and the rest is history.

Kristin’s sister, Jen, also had lunch with us – and yes, that means we lunched together: Jen Squared and Kristin Squared, but I promise it was not prearranged. Jen is a doula which means I instantly liked her. Jen and Kristin the Latter are from D.C. and confirmed my theory that all men from D.C. appear to be good looking because they wear power suits to their very important jobs.

IMG_3345Saturday evening poolside I had drinks with Amy Gahran, Lisa Williams, and Maryam. Amy and Lisa were at BlogHer05 and said the tone was much different this year – in ’05 there was excitement about discovering the multitudes of women bloggers. Amy felt this year’s excitement built on that as women asked, What ELSE can we do? We had a great time comparing Notes on Notes, as Amy titled her post. She does a great job of summing up that conversation so I’ll just let you follow that link! But while you’re still here, check out Amy and Lisa with their notepads!

DeniAfter drinks a group of us went to dinner, including Deni, who seemed like life itself. She almost didn’t come to Blogher because she recently lost her mom, but I was grateful for the opportunity to meet her. She poo poo’d on my days living in and around Times Square, and told me if I ever visited NYC again she would show me the REALLY cool parts of town. The first place I want her to take me is to her favorite breakfast spot. Here she is showing me a picture of her new puppy.

So, in contrast to Day One when I called Bryan in a panic to pick me up for dinner, Robert and Maryam dropped me off in front of my borrowed apartment at 11:45, full of food, drink, and many good memories.

5 thoughts on “My New Blogging Buddies: How I Turned That Frown Upside Down.”

  1. Hi, Jen. Thanks for the great roundup! I enjoyed meeting you and Maryam and getting a chance to know you a bit. Hope to see you next year, and I’m sure we’ll see each other online!

    – Amy Gahran

  2. HEY! I hit it off with Kristen and sister, Jen, as well. BUT?! I didn’t know Jen was a doula – and now, I’m one of her biggest fans too. Goooooooo natural childbirth!

    I enjoyed rolling my eyes with you at the *ahem* ‘Jane’ girls’ advertising. *yawn* – but it was sooooo worth sitting through that to get the rest of the stuff.

    Mommybloggers was too hot and not as structured as I would have preferred. I’m waiting for podcasts of the sessions I missed.

    Still love your business card the most of all I collected.
    Hope to see you there next year!

  3. Heather – Yeah, it cracked me up to watch the Jane Girls completely lose the room.

    And the cards? I’ve never been so excited to have a business card in my life! They are so much fun!

  4. Amy – I hope to be back next year. In the meantime I’m excited about all the new blogs I have to read!

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