muxtape 4: the wind in the hair edition

Muxtape CassetteI discovered most of these songs while driving around in my car during our latest heat wave, so it’s become a road trip mix. It’s true that I have a minivan, but this mini van happens to have a sun roof, a decent stereo, and two kids who like the music I listen to. So it’s almost like I’m riding around in my best friend’s orange MGB of bygone days…right?!

So open a new tab or browser and go on over here for a listen, then come back to read all about it. (The mix will be available to listen to until I post a new one) As usual, leave a comment if you like the mix, and I’ll randomly draw a winner next Sunday (7/20). I’m thinking my Blogher roommate, Jennifer, who blogs at The Word Cellar, should draw the random number. Can you handle that responsibility, Jenn?

Lemon Jelly – The Staunton Lick
I actually heard a different song by Lemon Jelly while I was doing some monotonous filing, but when I explored their music I thought this one had more of a top down, cruise the strip feel to it. Plus, the instructor talking at the beginning is a total plus.

Neko Case – John Saw That Number
I love the blue grass feel of this song. I always have to turn it up and sing loud.

Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix)
I’m discovering that I love remix versions of songs. The original song was released in 1969 (you can listen to it here), and I heard the remix on I’ve never heard of Marlena Shaw before, though I’m a big fan of Aretha Franklin and others of that era. I’ll definitely be looking into her music some more.

Duffy – Mercy
I was instantly in love with this song because it sounds like the Divas from the 60’s. I heard an interview with Duffy on the radio – I think it was an NPR show – and she said the was heavily influenced by music from that era. I don’t listen to commercial radio much, but judging by the fact I’ve heard this song playing in almost every store I’ve been in, I’m guessing it’s way over played. If that’s the case, I’m so so sorry for you. NOW GO FIND AN ALTERNATIVE STATION TO LISTEN TO!

Yoshida Brothers – Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix)
I love world music. I’ve mostly listened to South American or African music, and have one French album, but this is my first from an Asian country. Again, I love the remix. I think the next genre I plan to look into is Taiko Drumming. There’s a group of kids who perform every year at Seattle’s Folk Life Festival, and I always seek them out. It’s more than just drumming – it’s performance art!

The Fratellis – A Heady Tale
First of all, it’s a storytelling song. And? It’s just one of those songs that sound better with the top down.

Mates of State – My Only Offer
I’ve run into several songs by this group that I’ve enjoyed. Maybe some day I’ll get the entire album!

Daniellia Cotton – Bang My Drum
This came on one of our Paste Magazine music samplers. Oh the angst! Oh the passion! It’s a little country with a little soul with a lotta drama, and again with the hairbrush lip sync whenever this song comes on! I keep trying to get Ruthie to sing back up, but she wants her own stage.

Tilly and the Wall – Pot Kettle Black
Talk about some bitches with an attitude! This stuff is like Thelma and Louise on Annuale. I can’t imagine maintaining this kind of energy.

Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today
The kids were sitting in the front seat of the car with me while we waited for a store to open, and when the shouting started Ruthie reached down and cranked up the volume. I WANT TO HEAR THIS SONG! she said. Well done, Ruthie, I like it, too. Though if this is how they sing on their entire album, I’m not sure I could deal with it for twelve songs.

Elbow – One Day Like This
The strings! The voice! The dramatic build! “It’s looking like a beautiful day…” perfect driving song.

Langhorn Slim – Diamonds and Gold
I just wrote three paragraphs describing why I love this song so much, so obviously that will be a post for another day. Suffice it to say, this song evokes a memory of driving from New York to Seattle one summer in my 20’s when I was closing one rocky chapter of my life and entering a much more stable one that included a paying job and the absence of a boyfriend who liked to get high.

5 thoughts on “muxtape 4: the wind in the hair edition”

  1. i imagine that being the first to comment will not help my chances of getting that CD….but, dang it, I LOVE this mix!!
    (and, based on the reading and listening I’ve done on your blog this past couple of weeks, I’m thinking it’s entirely possible you and I are going to become good friends)

  2. If you’re wanting to see some taiko without waiting for the next Folklife, check out my website which lists taiko performances for the area. I saw you blog post via my Google Alert for ‘seattle taiko’. 🙂

    Bon Odori is this coming weekend (the 19th and 20th), so you’ll have the chance to see two (I think) performances. My schedule for Bon Odori is a little confused as there’s noplace that puts up a comprehensive verifiable schedule beforehand (you have to get a flyer at the first day of the celebration).


  3. I so desperately need some more good music…the only other “good” tunes I have are from you and Jenny. Sadly, I am completely incapable of picking decent music myself.

    Hopefully I’ll win and my minivan can rock, too! (Sadly, I am sans sun-roof, but we’ll manage).

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