Move over Subway Jarred, there’s a new skinny dude in town.

weight lossThis weekend we went to a swanky Christmas party. It was the first swanky event we’ve attended since last year’s swanky wedding of Chris and Ponzi. Since each of us only has one swanky outfit to cover all swanky events, it was a bit of a problem that Bryan couldn’t fit his swanky attire BECAUSE HE’S LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT since last December.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM! He puts me to shame with all that discipline.

I, on the other hand, sucked myself into a pair of control top pantyhose in order to hold everything in place, and wore the same green dress I’ve worn to nearly every event in the last year (not that it’s a bad dress – I quite like it, actually), save for that OTHER sexy dress I wore on my anniversary.

Go Bryan, Go! By next December he’ll be dainty.

2 thoughts on “Move over Subway Jarred, there’s a new skinny dude in town.”

  1. Jen, you do realize that the prospect of being considered ‘dainty’ for any reason would be a deterent for most men . . .

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