June Cleaver called, and she asked for her apron back.

housework never looked so goodI’ve taken to wearing this adorable apron as I busy myself around the house. I found it at one of the antique shops in my neighborhood, and I just fell in love with the fabric and the design. It looks homemade, but is very well constructed with large pockets and feminine pressed pleats and a little rick-rack for decoration.

apronAt first I started wearing it mostly for nostalgia, as it reminds me a little of my grandma. But as I cleaned up the living room and swept one afternoon, I found myself picking up odds and ends off the floor and putting them into my apron pockets – socks, miniature pirates and their even smaller swords, Polly Pocket accessories, etc. Clean up was faster when I could make one trip to the play room to put it all away, instead of multiple trips as I cleaned.

Am I an oppressed housewife who needs to be set free by the feminist movement? Or am I a trend setter? Perhaps stay-at-home moms everywhere will pay cold hard cash for a “retro” apron like mine. You never know. But somebody should really think about making some of these.

2 thoughts on “June Cleaver called, and she asked for her apron back.”

  1. Thanks Jen…for the “shout out” I didn’t even realize there was a link to my shop the first time I read this post. Cari Armbruster had to point it out to me….

    I do have a really cute apron pattern that I’ve made for Mosaic its called the “Church Lady”…I might need to make some up and I have another half one that uses ric-rac…so I need to get going on them…

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