In Praise of Bryan Zug

hung in the right spot!Yesterday afternoon Ruthie and I went to a birthday party, and while we were gone my super-husband cut the grass. We get into at LEAST one fight every summer over the reel mower we own (I love it, he hates it), so it was a big deal that he just decided to cut the grass and not complain about it.

He also hinted at another project he accomplished while we were gone, but wouldn’t tell me what it was. After spending the entire evening outside by the fire pit (first fire of the season!), I finally went in to find Ruthie some warmer clothes. It was then I noticed our large framed print in the living room had been hung on the wall correctly! And it looks great!

Bryan had given me a few concert posters from Over the Rhine for my birthday a few years ago. It took a year and a half to get one framed, then we hung it on the existing nail which was positioned lower for a smaller, horizontal print. Finally, a year after THAT, my print is hung in the right spot.

Yay for Bryan!

One thought on “In Praise of Bryan Zug”

  1. ha ha! I was pondering the possibility the other day that it looked strangly too low. I pondered the reason for that for a while during dinner. Now I know! That’s weirdly O.C.D., me sitting there eating a lovely dinner just thinking about the hanging height of your lovely picture…

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