Gettin’ Scrappy

My girlfriend, Sarah, has been coming over on the Monday nights that Bryan is out of town, and we scrapbook together. When Ruthie was a baby I made scrapbook pages throughout her whole first year, and filled a second scrapbook of other family fun stuff. But by the time Thomas came along I was deep into writing and blogging and creating videos, and decided I only had space in my brain for only one hobby at a time.

I have missed scrapbooking, though, for the tactile nature of it, and for the fun of designing with color and image. So once I got my craft area set up in the basement I decided to give it a go again, only on a much leaner time commitment – one evening every other week.

It’s funny to watch Sarah scrap, too. She held out for the longest time, swearing she would never get into such a thing, that it was cliche for moms to scrap. But oh how I laughed when she showed up at my house with scads of paper and embellishments and tools, all neatly tucked into pretty organizers. I love it when the mighty fall.

Ever since I took these pictures of the kids drinking hot chocolate during the SNOW BLAST OF 2007, I envisioned a page like this, and it makes me happy to have created it.

One thought on “Gettin’ Scrappy”

  1. Fabulous page. I too, 7 years ago, was not going to get into scrapbooking, and then, when I started, I was “only” going to get what I needed for what I was working on…HAH! Now, I have three shelves of scrapbooking stuff on a 3 feet wide bookshelf, not to mention a huge scrapbooking wheeled tote thing full of all the tools and embellishments and such. Sad thing is, I haven’t scrapbooked in over a year, and before that is was very sparse. I think my eldest has the most albums (and that is just of his first year with some of a second year – which is when our second arrived), and the second only has a few more pages than our youngest (who arrived a year after our second)…hoping to have them all in school next year for most of the day, giving me, I am praying, at least 4-5 hours every day of alone time…to clean, read, and scrapbook. I am SO far behind.

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