Hump Day

I love Wednesdays.

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. Fridays are pretty cool, too. And Saturday is usually fun. Sunday ranks pretty high, being the Lord’s Day, but Wednesday is definitely my favorite day of the week.

On Wednesday I don my inner Ya-Ya persona with the ladies as our petite ya-yas flitter about from slide to pool to trampoline. I live for this day. I sleep in, I make pancakes, we eat leftovers for dinner, because on Wednesday mamma takes the day off!

I am a firm believer that everyone needs at least one friend. I had one friend for over ten years and she’s great. Really. She is still a very dear friend. But I’ve recently come to realize the benefits of a plurality of friends. A symphony, if you will, of girls who know me deeply. Girls who reassure me that I’m not a bad mother because I take Zoloft; who routinely offer me margaritas; who make me laugh until I pee; who love my kids so much they’re not afraid to open The Can when one gets out of line.

I find that any inclination I may have had on Tuesday to accidentally leave my children in the McDonald’s play land seems to dissipate on Thursday because of Wednesdays.

If you are reading this and you are having a bad day, turn off the computer and call a friend.

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