Hottie. That’s right, Mr. Technical Director, I’m talkin’ about YOU.

Bryan started a new job a couple weeks ago – he writes about it here. This means he is no longer flying to San Jose, nor is he working in our basement studio office.

The kids have not been able to grasp this. They wake up in the morning, venture down to his office to say good morning, find his office empty, then come back up to my cozy and warm bed to alert me to this fact. At six-thirty in the morning.

“Where’s Dad?” Ruthie asks.

“He went to work.”


“On the airplane?”

“No. On the bus. To his new office. Can you make me a pot of coffee?”

It didn’t occur to me that he’d been doing the traveling and working from home thing for so long they’ve likely forgotten there was any other way he’s worked. Last Friday I took the kids downtown to his office so they could see where he worked, so they could understand where he spent his day now that he is not working from home.

We arrived in time for Friday afternoon Happy Hour, and I was given a Manhattan to drink. It’s going to be a lovely career.

I can’t find the words to express just how happy we both are with this job. The work is creative, and most refreshing is that Bryan is trusted. About a year ago when shit was hitting the fan and we made some transitions out of a community, we heard a pastor preach a sermon from Nehemiah that brought clarity to much of the struggle Bryan and I were experiencing. He spoke of men who were trustworthy leaders, but were not trusted.

This sermon was the beginning of our healing.

Bryan has amazing skill, and talent, and entrepreneurial vision. He solves problems. He establishes systems. He’s keen to patterns. He asks the tough questions before things implode into a crisis of inevitability. The last couple years have been challenging for him, both personally and professionally, and I’m elated that finally he is in a position where he shines.

Every night as I listen to stories from his day I feel one more muscle relaxing; I feel tension releasing from me slowly, like those deep breaths after that long run. Even in the stressful moments, during the stressful meetings, in the midst of stressful project deadlines, we feel peaceful and confident this is the right place for him to be.

Having become familiar with how hearts harden, it’s refreshing to experience this Grace that softens.

These photos were taken by a professional photographer for use on the company web site and in marketing materials.

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