He’s Come a Long Way from ‘The Beach’

Have you ever planned an entire date around one drink? I think of that Kohler commercial where the lady sets a faucet on the architect’s desk and says, ‘Design a house around this.” I did that tonight. I designed an entire date around the Jitterbug Martini.

Tonight was our first date in many weeks due to travel schedules and a slight hiccup in our feelings of adoration for one another. October was a tough month so it was nice to get out and enjoy each other’s company.

Which is why I planned our entire date around the Jitterbug Martini. I just HAD to have one. Or two. I would have had more, but I lost the coin toss for driving the babysitter home.

Columbia City has a mom-and-pop type movie theater that just happened to be playing the movie we wanted to see, so you can tell how the Jitterbug was in the stars for tonight. We saw The Departed, and I think this may be the best damn movie I’ve seen in my whole life. You may think that’s the Jitterbug talking, but I only had two, and I was saying this before I’d even had a drop. It was so heart wrenching and suspenseful that I nearly had a nervous breakdown. In a good way. I definitely have an ulcer.

If you liked The Usual Suspects and L.A. Confidential, you will love this movie. Leonardo was amazing. This was no shallow blockbuster performance a la The Titanic or The Beach. This was ACTING. He had RANGE. During the movie I forgot he was Leonardo and felt compassion for Billy Costigan. And as Bryan said, it was also good to see pretty boy Matt Damon play a darker role.

Speaking of Bryan, he also thought The Departed was a good movie, but contends that it does not nudge the perfection of L.A. Confidential.

If you have a husband and you don’t go on dates regularly, you should. It’s a must. After sex, it’s the most important ingredient to a healthy relationship. If you can’t afford a babysitter, use the buddy system. Grab a friend and do a swap – an I’ll watch yours if you watch mine kind of thing.

And go see The Departed.

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