God Bless This Beautiful Day

I am on FIRE with love and joy this afternoon. I made music mix that inspired me to teach Ruthie ‘the running man’ dance and the party just hasn’t stopped for me, even though they are sleeping. I’m actually CLEANING on a Sunday afternoon because I am so motivated by this music.

Getting to and from church this morning was a bit of a logistical nightmare, but with the help of friends who are like family we more than survived. “It truly does take a village,” I quipped as we stepped off the park and ride bus. As I swoop around the house removing clutter I am listening to music that reminds me of Light, and Joy, and things that are Amazing, and I have cried the Ugly Cry several times time in the process.

There is just no escaping how rich I am in love and friends.

Our pastor touched a bit on anger today – defining the difference between righteous anger and sinful anger. I did not feel condemned, though I am more often sinfully angry with my kids than anything else. I felt empowered to change. It was a friendly reminder to me that I have everything I need in life and godliness to MAKE THE CHANGE.

I just need to do it.

I think this is what Grace is suppose to feel like – freedom and health of the mind, even in the midst of the undone-ness of my process.

Here’s my mix:

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