From now on, all eyes on you.

From now on, all eyes on you.

It’s the middle of the night and I’m catching up on some blog reading while watching my DVR’d shows. I don’t know why I continue to believe I am benefiting from this multi-tasking as if it’s somehow relaxing to be taking in two mediums at once – feeling simultaneously distracted by both and frustrated that I can not focus on the meaty-er parts of either one.

Much of what I read tonight inspires my own writing and my own faith journey, yet I am too exhausted from the information overload to formulate coherent thoughts of my own, which leaves me frustrated and definitely NOT relaxed. Often I wonder if my time would be better spent doing something else entirely, like reading a book, which I never consider doing with so much other stimulation to distract me.

ARGH! These bad habits are hindering my creative process and invading the Quiet Space I need to improve as a writer and a thinker.

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