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Is Orphan an Anti-Adoption Screed? – Paste Magazine
The first time I saw a trailer for this movie I rolled my eyes to the heavens and thought, For the love of Pete, WHY are we scaring people away from adoption so excellently?! But I discovered this article via @pastemagazine, and it makes a good point: “Does this girl strike you as someone who serves as a stand-in for adopted kids in general?” Also: I hate passing judgment on a movie I haven’t actually seen.

D & D Ministry – KUOW
Heard this very interesting story about a man who came to faith in Jesus Christ via the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons. I’m continually amazed how easy it is for us to put God in a box, and how able he is to break out of that box and surprise us all.

Last night I went to a local BowlHer party in connection with the BlogHer conference in Chicago, and met Giyen, who is a panelist for Momversation. I’ve seen some of the Momversation videos around the internet, and they discuss some pretty interesting topics. But I was mostly intrigued by their production schedule for collaborating remotely on the project.

How You DoingThe Corner
I discovered an audio documentary project on KUOW called The Corner: 23rd and Union, and it’s incredible – stories told by people living in that neighborhood. I’ve listened to almost all of them (there’s more if you click on the iTunes icon), but Jean Tinnea’s story titled, How You Doing, struck a particular cord of familiarity. She’s an elderly white woman who talks about walking through her neighborhood, making eye contact with her neighbors, and saying, “how you doing.” I’ve made the same effort as I walk through the public squares near my house, and get a same mixture of responses as she does. I also got a kick out of this woman’s crackly voice saying things like, “pimps” and “gang bangers” and “the street greeting is…” I want to be just like her when I’m old.

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