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Half of Me – blog to book.
I started a new book this week by BlogHer blogger, Jennette Fulda, called Half-Assed: a weight-loss memoir. I met Jennette in San Francisco at the BlogHer conference when I attended the session, Blog to Book.

Jennette documents how she lost nearly half her weight – close to 200 pounds – through diet and exercise. I’m only into chapter three, but already I enjoy it so much. The style of her writing is raw, honest, and with familiarity – much like a blogger writes. Also, within the first chapter, A History of Fatness, she takes full responsibility for her obese condition without blaming family genes, emotional trauma, or anything else.

Sadly, I didn’t have a strange disorder to be documented in medical textbooks. I was never sexually abused and driven to build a fat suit of armor for protection. My mother never once nagged me about my weight or put me on a diet, saving me thousands of dollars on therapy. This was great and all, but it left me without any good fall guys. If you’re fat, you definitely need a scapegoat or a glandular problem.

I’m enjoying her book, and have added her blog, Half of Me, to my reader. Incidentally, when I asked her about the process of collecting and organizing her blog archives to prepare for the book, she said she read through her archives three times. THREE TIMES. I had suspected something like this would be the case, but it’s a little daunting to have it spoken into reality.

I’d better get crackin, I mean, reading.

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