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What Every Husband Should Know About Stay at Home Moms
I think the title for this post could be stronger. If I hadn’t seen the link posted by folks I respect, I would never have clicked.

That said, it’s a great post that encourages husbands to support both the outer chaos and inner chaos his wife faces daily. Sometimes we need help clearing the outer clutter before we can face the deep well that is our inner thoughts.

I’m thankful for a husband who supports my outer chaos and pastors my inner chaos well.

Etan Patz, My Children, and Me.
This article resonated with me. I grew up in a neighborhood with tons of kids, and we ran wild until after dark. I miss those days. Now I get dirty looks from parents when I allow my kids to play unsupervised in the neighboring parking lot.

She’s right in that we live in a culture of fear and anxiety that is largely based on perception. In reality, out of 800,000 children who disappear each year – a staggering number, by the way – only 115 are taken by strangers. Even one child taken is too many, but the point is, there is likely not a monster on the corner waiting to gobble my child.

Thoughts On Turning 30 In the Tech Biz
Well written thoughts by Donald DeSantis that apply to any age. These last couple years have been all about The Crazy, and I regret nothing.

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